Your new Ford to be made of recycled plastic bottles 0

Ford has announced that they plan to use recycled plastic bottles when creating new vehicles such as the Ford Focus Electric.Ford is planning to use 2 million old plastic bottles from landfills. We recently published an article on the 5th January named Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production”. This article explains how Ford hope to save water usage on production of their cars by 30 %.


The Ford Focus electric itself is produced very economically. The interior of the car is made from technology which is totally environmentally friendly, according to Ford. It contains REPREVE-based fabrics. These are a mix of various waste consumer waste products combined with plastic bottles which have been previously recycled.

REPREVE reduces the need for refined crude oil during the manufacturing process. It cuts done the use of energy without compromising the performance of the Ford Focus Electric.

Carl Kordich

Carl Kordich, the Lead Designer of sustainable materials stated just how significant the Ford Focus Electric really is. He said “Ford is committed to delivering vehicles with leading fuel efficiency while targeting at least 25 per cent clean technology in interior materials across our range. The Focus Electric highlights this commitment as Ford’s first petrol-free vehicle, and the first in the automotive industry to use branded Repreve.”

First ever fuel free vehicle from Ford

The vehicle is a clear demonstration of how committed Ford are to not only developing fuel efficient and eco friendly vehicles but is also a sign of how green the company want to be in the way want to produce their vehicles. It is the companies first ever fuel free vehicle, being purely electric. We believe it will be a market leader in the future.


This brand new project involves Unifi and Ford combining. Together they will collect plastic bottles from the Las Vegas and Detroit Motor Show as well as the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The recycled plastic bottles will be used within other cars too as soon as this year. Reducing the need for water and increasing the usage of recycled goods during production will go a long way into saving the environment, saving money and enhancing the company’s reputation.