Will the 2015 Ford Focus RS be developed? 0

The Ford Focus RS has not been approved for production. That is what we heard in reports the last time the Ford Focus RS was discussed.In further developments today we have heard that the project was sanctioned but its development has been delayed!

Ford focusing on other cars

The reasons behind this are said to be that Ford are focusing on other projects instead with money being the main issue. There seems to be a lot of complicated issues regarding the Ford Focus RS meaning time and energy is being wasted. The other Ford projects in question include the Ford Focus ST, the Ford Focus electric and the Ford Escape / Kuga. These vehicles have the ability to simply sell more in North America. It makes complete sense as to why Ford would like to concentrate on different projects.

Disappointed fans

Fans of the Ford Focus RS in America will be especially disappointed. They have not yet received an RS version of the Focus, despite a sizeable demand. Although the Ford ST may make its way to North America it is highly unlikely but the Ford Focus RS will indeed hit the American car market.

Outstanding performance

According to automotive reports, the 2015 Ford Focus, if ever released, the car will contain an outstanding 320 BHP. The engine under the bonnet will be a 2.3 litre direct injected turbo four cylinder. This will come with advanced electronic torque steer correction. A hybrid version of the car has been ruled out by many expert sources. An all wheel drive variant has also been denied.

A change of plan still possible

With all that has been discussed, everything could change considered that the car’s release will be in 2015 if it ever hits American showrooms.

Is there much effort needed

The car could still be thrown back into production with an increase in demand, which there is sure to be in our opinion. As the car’s main structure and foundation has already been established with previous versions, all that has to happen now is that Ford modify and upgrade the car in terms of styling and performance. We believe this process should not take long and can meet the 2015 deadline for release.

As huge fans of the Ford Focus RS, we hope that the car is eventually developed and released over in North America.