Updates to Ford’s touch screen technology 0

Ford is to update software within their MyFord Touch control system. The systems were installed two years ago into vehicles in order to attracted new customers.

Customer confidence down

Not everything went according to plan however. There are a number of faults within the system which brought the company’s reputation down. Customer confidence in Ford vehicles over in North America has greatly decreased following their reputation being damaged. The system itself was developed in association with Microsoft.

The MyTouch System

The MyFord Touch system is a futuristic way of operating your vehicle, replacing different knobs and various standard features within vehicles through the use of one screen. Ford’s MyTouch system is able to control the climate, navigation, entertainment and hands free communication.

System was rushed

Experts claimed that the original system was rushed and therefore plenty of flaws and faults were brought about. There was more of emphasis on being flashy rather than being properly operationally functional.

Common reported faults

The typical faults in question include the system crashing whilst the car is driving, restarting whilst the car is on the road, the voice recognition system being faulty, the design being too complicated with too many distractions being created and much more. The buttons and fonts have now been enlarged to make everything easier.

Improvements are expected to enhance the reputation of the system once again. There is much more of an upgrade on the system rather than just an update.

The upgrade process

Ford will send out the update directly to customers on a USB flash drive. They are also expected to offer the upgrade the system at main dealerships at the same time. The whole upgrade process will take an hour in total.

Ford main dealerships across America have received their upgrade kits already. There are in total 300,000 customers to be served. The USB flash drives will be sent by post later this week.

According to many customer feedback surveys’, Ford’s reputation fell down thanks to the Ford MyTouch system. Touch screens are deemed by many to be a more complex method of operating vehicles compared to the use of traditional car components.

General Motors, Toyota and Chrysler, Ford’s biggest rivals in North America have introduced technology which is deemed far less complicated, helping them to in some ways gain a better reputation in that particular field. Ford will have to learn from their mistakes.