The U.S. is driving Ford’s sales 13% increase 0

Ford is driving forward in the U.S. sales ratings.

The Ford Motor Company is celebrating this month, after releasing official sales numbers for October that show a 13% increase on last year. The company say it was the best October they’ve had in eleven years and they saw increases across their vast range, in particular the crossovers and larger vehicles.


Ford sold 213,938 vehicles in total last month, which they believe is thanks to an growing interest in their newer vehicles. The average transaction price was boosted to $34,600, a new record for the company and around $1,800 higher than last year.

Leading the sales push was the popular crossover, the Ford Edge, which saw an increase of 38.6% in sales. Next up is the revamped Explorer with 29.7% and the new Mustang with 17%. The best-selling car in the U.S (and has been for over thirty years) is the Ford F-150 pick-up truck, which also saw a 3% increase in sales last month.

ford f-150 pickup

The Ford F0150 pick-up, America’s favourite vehicle.

The U.S. auto industry as a whole enjoyed sales success, with a huge 18.2 million new cars sold compared to the 16.6 million this time last year. Other companies like General Motors, Fiat and even Volkswagen (although only by 0.24%) also saw increases.

Looks like the U.S. will keep accelerating and the record for new cars sold throughout the year may be broken in time for Christmas.

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