The new Ford Mondeo confirmed 0

Ford have confirmed that a new generation of Mondeo is to debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. It is also expected for release as early as next summer. After first impressions of the car, we for one really can’t wait.

How much influence did the Ford Evos have?

We took an in depth look at the Ford EVOs in one of our previous article.  We predicted that although the car would be put into production, it may influence future Ford Models. Our statement appears to be true, as the new Mondeo is clearly influenced by the stylish and futuristic Evos. There have been some spy shots of the car brandished around the internet, giving plenty away for fans to get excited about.

What are the similarities? The trapezoidal front grille is present, blending in wonderfully into the front of the car. The subtle yet classy headlights are also of the same shape. Alloys wheels also look identical, with them being large with an attractive design that will make the car stand out. Those who seemed very excited by the look of the Evos but let down when it was announced that it won’t be produced will find the new Ford Mondeo something to cheer about again.

The power and engineering of the car is also inspired by the Ford Evos. Eventually the vehicle is said to have the same type of powertrain from the Evos, with future plans for a petrol engine to work alongside an electric motor.

Range of engines offered

The range will have more current and conventional types of engine available from its launch, with a 1.6 Litre and a 2.0 Litre petrol being offered, both having EcoBoost technology. There will also be a diesel range of engines offered too with a 1.6 Litre TDCi and a 2.0 Litre TDCi, as usual offering decent performance as well as superb sustainability and fuel efficiency.

Green technology

Expect Ford’s typical green technology features to be included, helping customers reduce their fuel costs as well as allowing the car to be eco-friendly. Stop/start, brake energy regeneration as well as making the car aerodynamic are all expected to come standard.

By the look of the new Ford Mondeo, Ford family cars appear to be taking a sportier direction. We for one are very excited by the news and can’t wait for its release.