The new American 2013 Ford Taurus 0

The Ford 2013 Ford Taurus is set to hit the American car market and is expected to be better than ever.

Benefits of the EcoBoost 2.0 litre

To start with the car is a lot more fuel efficient. The vehicle will achieve 31 MPG on the motorway thanks to the newly installed 2.0 litre EcoBoost Engine.

Despite the saloon being more economical, the performance is not compromised in anyway. The V6 engine offers a satisfying amount of power within the 2.0 litre EcoBoost engine. The intelligently built engine comes with direct injection petrol along with a turbo charger. This helps the Taurus achieve 240 BHP along with 270 lb ft of torque.

Special Oil

The oil used for the EcoBoost 2.0 litre is indeed very special. It helps maintain the engine is best way possible so that oil changes are need every 10,000 miles. This is another way to help keep the costs of owning the car down.

Ford Taurus SHO

The Ford Taurus SHO is the model’s sportiest variant ever. The design and performance essentially showcase a saloon with plenty of sporty credentials.

Taurus Limited Edition

With the Taurus Limited edition, the customer receives a whole new level of comfort and luxury. The fuel efficiency is not compromised either thanks to the EcoBoost 2.0 litre engine.

Dedication to customer quality

Mark Fields, President of Ford Americas spoke of the amount of modifications upon the car show just how dedicated the company are to delivering quality. He said “We have significantly upgraded Ford’s flagship sedan through obsessive attention to detail. This evolved Taurus builds on the transformation we achieved in the 2010 model. Delivering so many upgrades so soon further underscores Ford’s leadership and commitment to bringing high-quality, fuel-efficient cars for our customers.”


The Ford Taurus also gets the great benefit of receiving a Ti-VCT 3.5 litre V6 engine. Only with the SE, SEL and Limited Series models is the Ti-VCT engine available. The engine now adopts twin variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) which helps the car achieve better fuel economy and an increase in power.

NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) is all controlled through clever components helping to keep the drive as pleasurable as possible.

EcoBoost 3.5 litre V6 engine

This variant produces 365 BHP, making it the most powerful engine in the line-up. The engine comes with direct injection technology and two turbochargers. With the EcoBoost 3.5 litre V6, the engine is able to give back a very generous 25 MPG on the motorway.