The Ford Puma 0

The Ford Puma was quite a unique roadster during its lifespan between 1997 and 2002. Despite its small amount of time on the UK market, it did make quite a great impact and got a lot of fans. We’ll talk about some of its good points.

Fun to drive whilst not costing much to purchase or to run

The powerful engine that was placed inside such a small car made it a great vehicle to drive around. The 1.7 litre was certainly the pick of the bunch. The 1.4 litre being quite an enjoyable ride too, but was no match for the pure excitement that the most powerful version of the car was able to offer.

With the 1.7 Litre version you will have to group 12 insurance. The 1.6 Litre will fall into the insurance group 10 and the 1.4 Litre comes into group 9. Reasonable driving will get you a very decent MPG rating making it a very reasonable car to own in terms of cost.

The 1.7 was also possibly the smoothest drive out of the lot. The car wants revs, so drivers don’t have to worry about damaging the engine was pushing the car to its limit. The gear changes are quite short too, making the ride that bit more thrilling and exciting.

Buying the car

It is known to be a car that offers a tremendous amount of reliability. Owners won’t complain too often of faults as the car as it was engineered with great quality. Only second hand Ford Pumas are now available. It would be a good idea to look out for full service history as well as the appropriate paperwork for repairs and new parts. When test driving the car listen out for awkward knocks and strange sounds from the engine. Look out for signs of the car being overly abused, such as a burnt out clutch and overly stiff gear changes.


A powerful sports coupe that is fun and exciting to drive, cheap to buy, cheap to run and looks stylish, the Ford Puma doesn’t seem like such a bad catch. Why was production ended so soon? By the sounds of it, the car may still make quite a great purchase to many if it was brand new today.