The Ford Mondeo awarded greenest family car of the year 0

Whatcar? The highly respected automotive magazine and website have named the Ford Mondeo the greenest family car of the year.

Green credentials

The particular model to come under praise was the 1.6 TDCi which offered 65.6mpg and 114g/km of C02 emissions. The emissions are so low that it equates to a £30 annual expense after having the first year for free.

What else makes the Ford Mondeo a great catch?

The car is also competitively priced at £19,895. It certainly seems like great value for money compared to its rivals. The diesel efficient diesel engine is probably the highlight, however there are many features that make the car great.

Great looks

This includes a wonderfully styled exterior. There are big alloy wheels which have an attractive design. The front grille stands out alongside the LED running lights. Being one of the best family cars around, its practicality is naturally another feature to be admired. There is 1,740 litres of space at maximum with the estate version. The Ford Mondeo is quite a large car, with the 478.4cm in length and 188.6 cm in width, but its well-proportioned; which makes it look elegant.


The handling of Ford Mondeo’s come with a great reputation. This version of the car has not let anyone down in that aspect in any way. Despite the large size of the car, the car feels smaller when taking corners as it is quite agile. The steering and braking is very responsive, with models higher up the scale having different suspension settings which include sport, normal and comfort.

Other awards?

In what has been a fantastic year for the Ford Mondeo, the “greenest family car of the year award” adds to awards already received by the car. These include WhatCar?’s award for best overall family and estate car. The fact that it has also been recognised for its environmental and fuel credentials on top of everything else shows just how brilliant the vehicle really is.


We are not surprised to see the car doing so well and winning awards like it has done. If cars are to adapt to the future, they must offer more than good looks and performance. Fuel efficient and environmentally friendly cars are the way forward, which is where the Ford Mondeo ticks all the right boxes. It’s possibly the best car in its class overall.