The Ford Fiesta automatic in India 0

Ford has launched an automatic version of the Ford Fiesta for the first time in India.

Seen in New Delhi earlier in the week, the car will contain an Automatic Dual clutch system. It will be a petrol variant and with the automatic system being placed in the new Fiesta sedan model. There will be two variants available. These will include a premium model and a Titanium model. The car is available to buy now and is in showrooms.

How good is the automatic gearbox transmission?

The Powershift Automatic six speed dual clutch gearbox is wonderfully economical. Drivers will not need to visit the fuel pumps that often if they are driving the Ford Fiesta automatic sedan. It has received great praise from automotive journalists as well as Ford fans.

The new gearbox transmission is also a performance enhancer. Test reviews have indicated that the drive is a lot more responsive and more fun on the road. The car is able to take bends at speed with ease when compared to the manual version of the car.

Quick shifting

Shifting gears are accurate and quick. Despite the car being an automatic, there is no compromise for performance.

1.5 Ti-VCT

The car will contain the 1.5 litre petrol engine will be under the bonnet of the automatic Fiesta Sedan. The engine’s Ti-VCT technology is a major factor as to why it is so popular last time round and why it has been put onto the new Fiesta automatic sedan.

Is this Ford’s breakthrough?

At the moment, fuel economy is on top of many motorists agenda in India. Fuel prices are at an all time high, pricing many off the road. Ford are one of the fastest growing import car companies within the country by recognising that exact customer demand. However Ford have not made their presence felt like they have in other countries yet. They have a very long way to go in terms of proving themselves. This automatic gearbox transmission may be item that helps the company propel themselves in terms of raising their profile in India.

The car will not come cheaply however. It will cost £11,438. Will Indian consumers go for a vehicle that is that expensive? The small car market is the popular in the country at the moment. The Ford Fiesta Sedan automatic will have to perform wonders if it is to sell well. Many believe that it does.