The Ford Edge now has the EcoBoost engine 0

The EcoBoost engine has now been introduced into the Ford Edge. This particular engine has worked wonders for the company in models such as the F-150.  Ford are now banking on the EcoBoost engine performing wonders in the Edge this year.

What’s so special about the EcoBoost engine? It provides a wholly satisfying performance but at the same time brings fuel bills down and carbon emissions.

Arriving at the perfect time

The four cylinder version set for the Ford Edge sport utility vehicle could not have arrived at a better time. A major problem with the American automotive industry is that of increasing fuel prices. Many motorists are being priced off the road with fuel reaching all time record high prices. That price is set to increase to $3.80 per gallon in the United States. More Motorists will certainly consider the Ford Edge more than ever.

More than just a great engine

It is not only the engine that could sway motorists towards the Edge. The car is wonderfully practical with a great deal of space within. There is room in the boot for a huge family shop and plenty of luggages. The car looks great too from every angle with expert review praising just how good the car looks.

The Ford Edge EcoBoost engine statistics

The EcoBoost engine is able to achieve 21 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the motorway. The EcoBoost engine delivers maximum efficiency in both situations. This is around 3 MPG better off than the V6 engine that normally comes with the Ford Edge. All Ford Edge models will contain a six speed automatic transmission as standard.

Building bridges

Not everything is good news however. Ford has sent out software upgrades in order to fix the current problems with the MyFord Touch System. With the Ford Edge being one of the first vehicles to contain the system, it made headlines for the wrong reasons meaning part of its reputation was damaged. However the new upgrade means that the system will work better than ever. The new EcoBoost engine is sure to further rebuild the reputation of the car again.

The Ford EcoBoost within the Ford Explorer SUV

Ford have also placed the EcoBoost engine within the Ford Explorer SUV with engine expected to make more appearances in the line up in upcoming years.