The Ford C-Max Energi plug-in is the fastest electric vehicle 2

The Ford C-Max Energi plug-in has been named as the fastest electric vehicle after tests were carried out. The top electric speed achieved by this vehicle stands at 85 MPH. That goes to show that the vehicle is able to keep up with all the rest on the motorway, even when the petrol engine is not in use. That’s pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.

The Toyota Prius plug-in was next in line. The top speed developed from electric power here was only around the 65 MPH mark. The C-Max has a maximum of 195 BHP with a fully charged battery whereas the Toyota Prius has just 188 BHP with a battery full of juice.
The Ford Vice President of Powertrain Engineering, Joe Bakaj said that “We understand customers place a high value on the zero-emission electrified driving experience. This inspired our engineering team to equip the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid with a button that enables drivers to choose an electric-only driving mode.”

The car can reach more than 20 miles on electric power alone. Again that beats Toyota’s Prius, and again by quite some distance too.
Ford’s electric vehicle allows the driver to switch between different modes, depending on they wish to drive. There is also a normal hybrid mode which combines the electric and petrol engines together in an appropriate manner. The battery saving modes reserves energy for another time.

When the car is driving in EV Auto mode, the vehicle operates completely as an electric car with hybrid energy then kicking in after. When hybrid mode does kick in, the car is intelligent enough to decide just how much of each substance of energy should be used.
With EV Now mode, the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid uses plug-in power. The petrol engine only kicks in when the driver fully presses down on the acceleration pedal or when the driver decides to override the electric power. Neatly the driver can monitor their progress via a monitor.

The EV Later mode saves energy for future use. In this mode the C-Max Energi plug-in operates in a hybrid mode with the use of both petrol and electricity. Electric power will be saved until the driver decides to use it or switch settings.
Ford are clearly taking the competition to Toyota by producing a fantastic model that will leave the Prius looking over it’s shoulder.