The brand new Ford Mondeo 0

The all new fifth generation Ford Mondeo has finally been officially unveiled by Ford. We can expect the car go on sale in early 2013.

Same version for everyone

The Ford Mondeo is set to be unchanged for car markets across the world, meaning every country will have the same build. The same strategy will be adopted for the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Kuga. In the USA, the car will be go under the nameplate of the Ford Fusion. In European countries the car will remain the Ford Mondeo.


Experts believe that the car will cost around £17,795 for the Zetec and Edge models, which is what those particular models currently cost now.

Brand new drivetrains

How can Ford possibly improve what is already such a tremendous car some of you may be wondering. The American automotive producers have taken that step further and setup a hybrid system in one model which achieves 56 MPG and hybrid a plug in system for another which achieves 140 MPG. They are set to be spectacularly economical, which was already one of the Mondeo’s main selling points.

New bodyshapes

It is not just the engine setups that are set for a change. The actual body design of the car is set for an overhaul too.  It has been confirmed that hatch and estate versions of the car are set to be built too.

We may even see a coupe type Ford Mondeo rivalling the likes of the Volkswagen CC. As many fans discovered at the Frankfurt Motor Show, certain components of the Ford Evos concept is a great inspiration to the design new generation Ford Mondeo. If a coupe version of the car was to be made it is highly possible that it will strongly resemble the Ford Evos overall. That is certain to please fans as the car received a great amount of attention for how attractive and sporty it looked.

Safety Kit

The new Ford Mondeo will receive a great amount of advanced safety kit, as you would expect from Ford. This includes an advanced lane keeping system which ensures the car does not stray out of its designated lane. The car is also parked automatically using the same hands free system seen in the latest Ford Focus.