The American Ford Fusion special interior lighting 0

The upcoming 2013 Ford Fusion model will come with adjustable lighting schemes within. This unique feature allows the owner to change the mood within the car by adjusting the colour.

This is quite a rare feature in cars, with most of us stuck with the lighting scheme that is already built within.

Minimal driver distraction

One important factor to remember is that of safety. Lighting schemes within the vehicle can prove to be quite a dangerous distraction depending on how it is used. Ford aim to use the lighting scheme in a very intelligent and convenient way, by giving the driver a better sense of direction.

In development for years

The Ford Fusion’s ambient lighting will be the same that is contained within the Ford Mustang (also known as accent lighting). This has been a great development upon Ford cars and has been developed for several years. Developers were extremely careful to place the lights in the correct areas in order for them to produce the desired effect.

The bulbs will be placed on the centre console within the car as well as on the front two cup holders, the front door power switches, the front foot well and the LED lock indicators.

Seven colour choice

The new lighting scheme will come with a choice of seven colours. These will include purple, blue, orange, red, green and white. The default colour will be ice blue.

Green is relaxing sort of colour with red keeping everyone alert and awake. The selections of colours all set a different mood and are catered for all types of drivers, depending on what they feel like.

Easy to use with the MyFord Touch system

If the Ford Fusion comes with the optional extra of the MyFord Touch system, changing the colours will be very easy. The ambient lighting setting can be selected easily using this system. If this is not available however, simply press the button which is located next to the emergency brake. Each colour is able to switch from.

As an option on the lower Fusion models, there has been no price released as of yet. It is expected to be made standard on vehicles at the higher end of the scale.

Currently the Ford ambient lighting scheme is available on other Ford models including the Taurus Limited as well as some Lincoln models.