The American Ford Fusion Review 0

We take a look at the American based Ford Fusion today. It is Ford’s bestselling car in North America, like the version of Ford Fiesta over here. It’s popularity has dramatically increased since being released in 2006 and has got even better this time round.

Can it take Ford to the next level?

The first generation of the Ford Fusion was released almost at the perfect time. It helped keep Ford going during such tough financial times as the worldwide car market crashed. They are hoping that the latest generation can now take Ford into further prosperity now that they are making more profit than ever before.


Rivals from Honda with their Accord model and Toyota with it’s Camry model are sure to be worried at just how good the Fusion will shape up to be.


It will offer a number of different variants which is sure to adapt to almost any type of driver. A petrol hybrid and plug in hybrid will be offered, a first for a sedan in America or anywhere else. This will allow those types of drivers who want either a standard, economical or a mix of the two to go for what the Fusion has to offer.

For the normal petrol version, the car will have a selection of three engines. These will be a 2.5 litre engine inline four cylinder engine capable of reaching 170 BHP and 170 lb-ft of torque. This will be paired with a 6F35 six speed automatic gearbox.

The next in the range will be a 1.6 litre EcoBoost inline four engine which is capable of producing 179 BHP. A 6F35 gearbox or a typical six speed manual along with the car producing 172 lb-ft or torque  makes it an exceptional model in the whole range. This is expected to achieve 37 MPG on the motorway by American standards.

The most powerful version of the car will be the 2.0 litre EcoBoost installed engine model. This particular engine was produced in Spain and contains an inline four cylinder which is combined with front wheel drive or an optional all wheel drive. It will produce a great 237 BHP and 250 lb-ft or torque. An automatic transmission will the only version offered with the EcoBoost range.

There are plenty more variants that will come with the car including that of two part electric versions.

It would be great to see this version of the Ford Fusion here in the UK