The 2012 Ford Edge Review 1

In our article today, we review the popular American vehicle the Ford Edge. You may not have heard of it before but it’s so good that we are sure you would love to see the car in the UK.

The name of the car alone suggests that the car has something special about it. Canada certainly thinks so by voting it their “Best New Utility Vehicle”.

Ecoboost engine

The 2012 version of the Ford Edge sees a new EcoBoost engine installed. This will help improve the fuel efficiency and C02 emission ratings of the car, making it a lot more efficient. Naturally it will help sway customers towards the car as the country is suffering from record high fuel prices at present.

Better perforance

Ford’s 2.0 litre EcoBoost four cylinder is the main improvement and highlight of the 2012 model.  The car has more of an Edge (No pun intended). Performance is not sacrificed either, with the engine having a dual variable camshaft timing system along with an intercooled turbocharger and direct fuel injection.

Clever technology

The turbochargers are much more improved. It’s now made a lot more efficient, conserving energy and spreading power in a more intelligent manner.

The direct injection system and electronic engine management system allow the turbo lag and knock to be forgotten about, two problems which usually occur when boosting.

Ford SYNC included

Ford’s highly publicised SYNC system also gets more of a look in, this time without the silly bugs that occurred before.

Exterior changes kept to a minimal

On the outside, you won’t see too much of a change in terms of the design. Ford didn’t want to revamp the car too much, as they believed keeping its overall character is what the market demanded. This was also down to the fact that the previous upgrade saw a host of changes on the exterior, meaning change was not needed as much this time round.

Same goes for the interior

The last upgrade also saw a major change inside the cabin too. It had a complete makeover, with the styling looking a more attractive. It was also the very first Ford to get the MyFord Touch driver connect technology.  That’s another reason not many changes have been made inside.

It sounds like a great car, especially with the Ford Ecoboost engine installed. We would love to see it here in the UK.