Relax and stay calm in Traffic Jams with Ford’s latest technology 0

Waiting in traffic is a typical frustration that hits every single motorist in the UK. Ford understands that it is one of the worst elements of driving and has attempted to do something about it.

The technology in question seems quite revolutionary and more importantly unrealistic at this moment in time. By the simple press of a button the driver will be able to put their feet up and stay away from all driving controls. Their vehicle will proceed to drive itself, allowing the driver to get some all important relaxation time. Once the traffic jam ends and the vehicle is then travelling at speeds of up to 30 MPH, the driver must then retake control.

Does this sound too unrealistic? Many would have never have thought that Ford would bring out their parking assistance system so soon.

Ford believe that they will release such technology in just 5 years, with many of their models containing the ability to navigate through traffic without the need for a driver to take control.

Experts believe the traffic busting technology will help reduce journey times and speed up traffic jams.

Already Ford has begun testing. Their European Research and Advanced Engineering Centre in Aachen, Germany is the home to advanced tests that are currently underway.

How does it all work? There will be a camera that is placed just behind the rear – view mirror. The camera is intelligent and is able to read the road ahead, spotting the road divisions along with other cars. The black box of the system will read the signals and offers the driver an option of taking control of the car within the traffic themselves or if they wished for the traffic system to take control. If the driver does decide that they want to relax and let the traffic control system navigate through traffic, the system will proceed to take control.

It will control the vehicle in such by accelerating and braking appropriately according the traffic that the car is situated in. The system recognises when a vehicle is cutting in front and will brake in time to avoid collision.

At present the system is only designed to be on dual carriageways or motorways. It is believed that the system will able to adapt to urban areas in the very near future. Ford technology just seems to get better and better.