MyFord glitches to be fixed 0

Ford’s touch screen system MyFord is set for a major repair operation.

Ford’s reputation is said to be majorly suffering from this setback. Many have complained of failures on the system. Not only have customers suffered from this but their opinion of Ford has taken a negative turn.

When looking at the system, everything appears to be laid out in a very confusing manner.

Forrest Brown, a Ford dealer located in Iowa has been on record to state the nature complaints in which they have received.

He said “We’ve come to the realization that this type of technology is going to be in almost all vehicles in the future, so you might as well get used to it and understand it and make your customers aware of it,

Many complained about not being able to heat up their windshield during the winter due to the system crashing with nothing appearing on the screen. This is a typical problem which annoyed and frustrated customers.

Cars with the MyFord system installed will receive flash drives. This will upgrade the current software and take just 45 minutes to do so. Customers can also visit their main dealers and get the whole upgrade done from them, absolutely free. There are approximately 250,000 customers who require this upgrade. Nothing has been decided yet on how customers overseas will receive the upgrade yet, which equates to 200,000. Ford hasn’t commented on how much they are spending on these mass upgrade repairs at the moment.

Despite the major glitches and faults with the system, Ford hasn’t been recognised the disappointment with the system as people may have expected them too.

They have said MyFord has brought many new customers in. The Ford Explorer has seen a double in sales figures with it having the technology installed. But this is no justification to defending the poorly performing technology. It has let a lot of customers and the company itself down

Ford’s manager of the Ford Sync technology Gary Joblonski said “People’s expectation of what’s in the car is totally different than what they brought home from Best Buy,”

The MyFord system has certainly done its bit to damage the company’s reputation. Will the company come back from this setback? They may have lost further fans from their unapologetic stance.