Is the re-branding of Lincoln working? 0

Ford has said that they are focusing on changing the image of their Luxury Lincoln brand. They were at one point one of the best sellers and most popular premium brand across the United States. They have recently suffered a huge fall from grace, so much so that Ford has gone about implementing a new strategy to turn the company’s fortunes around. Are they making progress already?

Lincoln sales showed a higher growth statistic in February compared to Ford’s. Sales grew by 16.2 per cent with 6,912 cars sold. The MKZ midsize sedan recorded sales of 2,487 which represented a 40.1 per cent rise. The MKS saw an increase of 857 deliveries in February but still represents an increase of 50.9 per cent.

Ford’s sales increase by 14.4% in February

Ford’s sales have increased in North America for the month February. Comparing with February in 2011, sales have risen by 14.4 per cent for Ford when taking into account the Lincoln brand.

Altogether Ford sold 179,119 sport utility vehicles, passenger vehicles and trucks. The Ford Focus sales was a major player in helping the company increase their sales. This particular model sold 23,350 in February.  This represents a 114.6 per cent when comparing February of last year. This was the best ever sales performance from the car since it’s release back in 2000. The Ford Fusion F-Series was another fantastic performer in the sales charts.

Ford Escape SUV

The Ford Escape SUV recorded 18,666 sales which results in a rise of 3.7 per cent. This meant that last month was the best month ever recorded for the mode. What’s even more surprising is that a brand new generation Escape SUV is due out soon.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang sold 7,351 units in February. This resulted in a rise of 98.8 per cent.

Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series pickup truck remained as the best selling model for Ford and in its particular class. Sales had managed to increase by 25.9 per cent selling 47,273 models. 43 per cent of that figure were Ford’s 3.5 litre twin turbo EcoBoost V6 engine. In January 57 per cent of Ford F-150’s contained an EcoBoost V6 or an Ecoboost 3.7 litre V6. This range of engine will play an even bigger part as the year progresses.