Ford workers threaten to strike over pensions 0

Ford’s staff are threatening to go on strike over a pension row.

We have reported a similar story which involved Ford America. The potential Ford strike on this side of the Atlantic seems almost like a mirror of actions that were taken in America recently.

If the strike does go ahead, it will the first time it has occurred for the company in the UK since 1972.

The staff at Ford have an issue with Ford planning to close the pension scheme to new entrants.

Ford said that 80% of the private sector has already done just that, leaving them no reason not to. A statement from the American automotive giants read

“The company has sought to discuss with the Union the financial challenges of its defined benefit pension funds, which are significantly in deficit, as this is now established competitive practice,”

“The company has categorically confirmed that it has no plans to close its pension funds to existing members and that the funds remain open to existing members.”

The Unite union is the institution which represent the disgruntled the 2,500 staff, are extremely unhappy at Ford wanting to close the final salary scheme to newcomers. They believe it will ultimately lead to the closure of the pension scheme.

Roger Maddison, the National Officer of Unite, let everyone’s opinion be known. He said “Our members have made it crystal clear that they fiercely oppose the closure… to new entrants,”

“They also believe it is the thin end of the wedge and the company wants to ultimately close the entire scheme,”

“We call upon Ford management to restart negotiations with an open mind, rather than demanding changes to long- standing agreements that could lead to Ford’s first strike since the 1970s.”

Unite have since walked away from talks with Ford. They were scheduled to be from the 8th to the 10th of November.

Ford have said in a statement that are willing to resume talks. A spokesman was quoted to have said “The company remains willing and available to resume discussions.”

Can the Ford Strike be avoided? Will Unite re-enter talks over the pay deal which has expired?

We would hope so as any strike would lead to negativity throughout our automotive industry.