Ford voice controlled iHeartRadio 0

A very interesting piece of news regarding Ford’s in car technology has recently emerged in America. They have installed the iHeartRadio app within one of their models which functions through voice control.

The service is free and provides over 800 of America’s best known digital only stations and popular live broadcasts and digital only stations. The iHeartRadio app can intelligently connect through Facebook too.

Available to all

The app is available on smartphone and can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store as well as the Blackberry App World store. Android will not miss out. An app for the Android OS will also get a slice of the action with the development currently under progress.


For vehicles with the recently improved Ford SYNC application, the iHeartRadio app can be accessed through voice command as long as the AppLink feature is present. According to some polls in America, the amount of people actually listening to internet radio through their phone whilst driving has risen by 5 %. That figure is expected to rise even further throughout the following years to come.

Using any kind of phones is very dangerous whilst driving. It has been estimated that one in four Americans uses a smartphone app whilst on the move. Developing a system whereby smartphone apps can be utilised by not using a phone in a more safer and easier fashion is part of the future and something in which most car providers are sure to deliver to their customers.

Easy accessibility

In the meantime Ford has done just that. The iHeartRadioApp can be accessed through the car’s steering wheel. In order to navigate through music and find a station, the owner simply has to specify what type of genre or personality they are looking for. Other stations can be recommended that are indeed similar to the ones being listened too at the present time.

The new app is set to be launched at the 2012 International CES on January 10th until January 13th.

Ford are clearly making steps towards integrating the ever popular use of smartphones within their cars.