Ford unleash the EcoSport in India 0

We previously reported that Ford’s Indian website gave a sneak preview on their website of a new EcoSport vehicle. It was swiftly taken down and was deemed to be a mistake by the American car company.

Following that news, it will not come as a surprise that the company has now officially revealed the new EcoSport.

Ford taking India seriously

It is considered very significant that India is the choice for the company to officially unveil the vehicle. The Indian car market is potentially a highly profitable one and Ford seem to be taking that particular region very seriously. Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford made an appearance at the official unveiling. This in itself shows just how dedicated the company are to succeeding further in India.

Globally targeted cars

Ford strategy is quite an interesting one. Rather than developing a vehicle catered especially to a particular market, they plan to develop a wide range of cars which adapt to car markets across the world.

That brilliant Ecoboost engine

Keeping that in mind, the EcoSport is a vehicle that can adapt and be successful in many different automotive markets thanks to its engine. Under the bonnet is the highly anticipated 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine. The economically brilliant engine is expected to be at the forefront of Ford’s wonderful new range, thanks to the benefits that it offers.

It’s versatile and flexible.   A turbocharger, direct injection technology and twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) will be included, making a highly technical and sophisticated engine indeed.

How is it more efficient? The delivery of fuel to right areas will be more accurate and precise. Energy from the exhaust will be reused in order to rotate a turbine wheel rather than being wasted.


The engine will be able to produce 120 BHP and achieve a torque of 170 Nm it has been quoted by many sources.

For those of you who want one, you will be pleased to hear that the Ford EcoSport will be made available here in the UK. We can’t wait for the car to arrive. Not only because it looks great but as you have guessed, the engine looks to be the future of Ford and something very special.