Ford Transit Euro 5 0

What used to be known as a noisy big white van has turned into one of the safest and practical vans available on the UK market.
In this article today, we take a look at what the rave reviews and comments surrounding the Ford Transit Euro 5 star.

The van is certainly a classic, lasting 46 years to date. Continually a market leader throughout its existence, every new Ford Transit that comes out has plenty to live up to. The latest addition doesn’t let you down in that respect.

Revised engine format

The new van has a 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi engine is the highlight of the Transit. This will come under four variants, producing 98 BHP, 123 BHP, 138 BHP and 153 BHP. The overhaul is considered a more practical solution to the three previous engines of a 2 litre, a 2.4 litre and a 3 litre which were able to produce between 84 BHP to 197 BHP.

The new platform will mean simpler production in factories, bringing about savings in time and money.

Front and rear wheel drive will made available with the new Ford Transit Euro 5.

Smart technology

Ford has brought about a host of green technology to ensure eco friendliness and less to pay on the fuel bills.

The new and improved EGR system within the van brings about better fuel efficiency. How? The gas cooling feature of the system has been made a lot better. This is due to a new intake manifold being installed which allows a more efficient method of cylinder to cylinder distribution. This enables better fuel economy as a result. It also facilities the new Ford Transit to reach Stage 5 emission level requirements.

Ford’s Smart Regenerative Charging is a very intelligent piece of technology. It captures the energy that is used when the driver utilises the brakes.

NVH (Noise, Vibration and harshness) was a main focus upon the new Ford Transit. This includes a brand new acoustic engine cover which lessens the noise created from the engine. The hydraulic engine mounts have been altered to achieve the same target.

This is just a snippet of the brilliant technology available on the new van.

The new Ford Transit will not let many people down.