Ford to close St. Paul factory on 19th December 0

It has been confirmed that the Ford Factory in St. Paul is to close just before Christmas on December 19th. Union officials have already been told the news by Ford.

United Auto Workers Chairman, Jim Eagle, said that Union Officials were formally given notice of the closure yesterday.

After previous delays of shutting the plant down, Ford have finally set a deadline for the factory’s business to end.

769 employees and Supervisors will be affected by the closure of the Ford Factory. The Ford Ranger compact pickup vehicle was one that was produced at the plant. Ford has decided to discontinue this model, triggering the end of the St. Paul site.

Hearing of a factory closing down is never good news. The Mayor of St. Paul Chris Coleman has thanked Ford for what they have done within the city. He was quoted to have said “My thoughts are with Ford employees and their families today. Since the first Model T rolled off the line 86 years ago, Ford has impacted the history, character and livelihood of Saint Paul. We are thankful for Ford’s contributions to the city and the community involvement of its employees. While we are sad to see their doors close, we are optimistic about the opportunity to use this land to create new businesses and jobs. Through our partnership with Ford and a redevelopment framework in place, we will create new uses for this site that are of the greatest benefit to the region.”

Although a plant has closed down, too much shouldn’t be read into Ford’s success and growth in the USA. The news has been in the pipeline for a number of months now and it has been expected for quite some time.

It can be safely assumed that Ford have seen better days in the past. Recently we reported on potential strike action from its employees across the nation and today we are confirming that a factory is to close. However we believe these news stories will prove just a hiccup to the company.  They will certainly be amongst the top manufactures in the USA and Europe for many years to come