Ford taking the SEMA show seriously 0

Ford is to revamp three of the American based models in time for the SEMA show.The Ford F-150, Ford F-350 and the Ford Explorer are set to be revamped and modified for display at the SEMA show from the 1st of November to the 4th in Las Vegas.

More than 100,000 fans are expected to attend with around 2000 exhibitors displaying the latest in automotive speciality technology products.

Following their modifications to the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta in relation to their small car line-up, they now are looking at the other end of the scale to cater for a different end of the market. The pickup truck and the SUV are set to receive modifications that will be considered by many as over the top.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer will have different modification specialist companies working on separate models. The companies involved are Stitchcraft Interiors, DSO Eyewear and Tjin who all have made their own unique contribution.

Stitchcraft have installed an Orion Car Stereo along with adding the popular combination of leather and Alcantara. To top it off the bodywork is sprayed with Seaside Collision paint.

DSO Eyewear has gone for a completely different approach by adding a lowered suspension kit. The interior has a Katzin lined leather scheme applied to it along massive 24 inch wheels.

Tjin also adds 24 inch wheels in their modification but have also installed LightWurkz LED headlights. Highly rated Eibach suspension will be installed along with Baer brakes.

The Ford F-150 and the F-350

The F-150 and the F-350 pickup trucks are set for completely different modifications altogether.

The EcoBoost F-150 will get a four inch lift along with monotube shocks. There will also be MagnaFlow exhaust, a Steelcraft made steel grille guard along with Bushwacker fender flares. Skyjacker Suspensions are behind the car’s modifications.

CGS Performance Products have also modified the F-150. With that comes a Jet black exterior, a specially designed aluminium roof, Colorado Custom Billet wheels, Baer brakes that come with 15-inch rotors and a Bell Tech front coilover suspension system.

Superlift Suspension will modify the Ford F-350 by using customised paint and huge wheels. Hulst Customs are also carrying out the same job but adding a unique set of doors at the back and front of the vehicle.