Ford shifts production from Mexico to Ohio 0

As promised, Ford has transferred projects in Mexico to the USA. Employees in Ohio will now have further responsibilities and prospects, with 1,400 jobs saved.

The move of a truck assembly operation works hand in hand with part of an agreement for Ford to transfer work overseas to the United States of America.

Did the saviour of Chrysler and General Motors make it all possible?

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown was pleased to hear of the news. He said that although Ford didn’t need help back in 2009 during the countries automotive industry restructuring which saved Chrysler and General Motors, it was important that those particular companies were saved in save the local suppliers which Ford may need.

He said “While Ford did not require assistance through the auto restructuring, there is no question that letting Chrysler and General Motors go under would have damaged the entire auto-supply chain, closing small manufacturers and harming business at the companies that not only sell parts to Chrysler and GM, but to Ford and other car companies,”

“When the outlook was bleak, we stood with the Big Three — and Ohio is reaping new jobs and investments as a result.”

Would the Ford transfer from Mexico to Ohio been feasible if Chrysler and General Motors were not saved by the Government back in 2009?

2013 the start date

The investment of the projects totals $128 million. The Ohio Assembly Plant which is located in the West of Cleveland had announced that the current project of producing Econoline vans was to end in 2013. The new project of producing trucks at the plant will begin in the exact same year. At the moment Ford have not given a figure as to how many members of staff are required at the factory. Experts claim that around 1,900 staff will be working at the factory when the new project begins.

The State of Ohio has approved tax breaks for Ford which totals $15 million, equating to $1 million per year for the next 15 years. This is under the strict condition that Ford keep 1,400 employees at the plant.

Ford are keeping to their promises and transferring projects overseas to the country. It will please the Union who previously threatened to strike earlier this year.