Ford Sales up in North America 0

Ford and Lincoln both experienced great sales in February 2012. Both have seen growth spells when comparing the same period last year.

This time it is Lincoln who is leading the way. The recently revitalised brand is currently growing from strength to strength after they looked doomed last year. Ford have re-branded the company and injected some much needed direction. It seems to be working from what the figures are showing.

Ford’s sales figures

Ford’s growth in terms of sales figures was up by 14.4 per cent when comparing February of this year and 2011. They were just behind their bitter rivals General Motors, selling 180,000 vehicles in total. They finished 20,000 units ahead of their next nearest rivals, Toyota. When taking January and February into account, Ford are 11.2 per cent up in growth. These figures are a clear indication of just how well customer confidence is rising in North America in 2012.

Ford altogether sold 172,207 in February. This meant that as a single brand alone, they were the bestselling. The Ford Focus grew by 114.6 per cent when comparing February of last year and this year. It is now the bestselling car in the Ford line up in the country, equating to a total of 23,350 sales. The Ford Mustang was a long way behind selling 7,351 in February. This represents a growth of 98.8 per cent when comparing sales in February 2011. The Ford Mustang is also the leading car in the muscle car segment at present.

The Lincoln brand grew even more

The Lincoln brand has grown even more when comparing February of this year to 2011. The brand managed to sell 6,912 which represent growth of 16.2 per cent. The Lincoln MKS sold 857 units which was a substantial amount in the overall figures, representing an improvement of 50.9 per cent. Behind the MKS was the redesigned MKZ which grew by a spectacular 40.1 per cent. The Navigator managed growth figures of 34.2 per cent.  It was the Lincoln MKZ which managed to finish up on top of the sales chart within the brand however, selling a total of 2,487. Behind was the Lincoln MKX selling 2,169 leaving the MKS in third. The new redesigned Lincoln MKS, first previewed at the LA Auto Show in 2011 is sure to heighten the vehicles sales even further.

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