Ford sales increase in India and Canada 0

The Canadian and Indian divisions of Ford are reporting positive sales figures, according to reports.

Ford India

Sales in India have increased by 30% this year. Both wholesale and export sales result in 111,631 cars sold from January to November of 2011. Compared to the same time period last year, this represents a 30% increase.

In November alone, 10,091 wholesale and export units were sold. As far as the domestic market was concerned, 8,322 wholesale cars were sold in November. This is an 11% increase from 7,504 wholesale domestic cars being sold last year.

In terms of exports, Ford sold 1,769 cars and also added three more export countries, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia in November alone.

Ford India President, Michael Boneham recognised Ford’s fantastic progress amid tough market conditions. He said “We are nearing the end of a positive year where we continue to see strong customer acceptance of our brands and we are selling more despite challenging market conditions. It is great to see the Figo exported to 30 international markets,”

“We are eagerly looking forward to the Delhi Auto Show in January where there will be many surprises awaiting our customers.”

Ford Canada

Ford Canada has announced that their January to November sales are up by 3%. The Ford Limited is the number one selling car in the country at present. The Ford F-150 has seen its sales increase to 7%.

The Ford Focus has made slight improvements in terms of sales figures this year, with it increasing by 4%, with the car slowly but surely becoming more popular. The Ford Explorer saw it’s demand increase by a tremendous 109%.

Scott Cauvel, the vice president of sales for Ford Canada said that Ford are able to offer quality cars without the typical compromises. He said “We are meeting consumer needs without having them sacrifice fuel economy for vehicle capability,”

“Our entire product line- up offers quality, safety and smart technology, while still providing fuel efficiency.”

Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln has also sold very well in the month November. The models including the MKS, MKZ and the MKX had helped improve the company’s sales figures.

Ford appear to be selling well in markets which are quite difficult to compete in.