Ford recall over 50,000 transit wagons in seatbelt glitch 0

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride – oh wait, you can’t buckle up. And therein lies the problem.

Ford are recalling 48,990 models of the 2015-16 Transit van built between February 13th 2014, and January 13th after it has been found that a heavy object has the potential to damage the rear seatbelt buckle and prevent it from keeping the belt held in place.


The press release reads as follows: “Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain model year 2015-2016 Transit vehicles manufactured February 13, 2014, to January 13, 2016 and equipped with rear passenger seats. The rear seat belt buckles may be damaged if a heavy object is placed on, or impacts, the top of the buckle. The damage may prevent the buckle from latching or from remaining latched.”They assure consumers that they will notify owners of the affected vehicles, and “dealers will modify or replace the seat belt buckles, depending on their location in the vehicle, free of charge.” The statement adds that “remedy parts are currently unavailable” and that “owners will be notified of the recall by March 14th, 2016.”

The news comes at a particularly alarming time as, only earlier this week, we reported that Ford are in the process of investigating roughly 420,000 Ford F-150 pickup trucks – one of their best selling models in the United States – over alleged brake failures. Much like the issue with the pickup trucks, though, it is important to note that no serious accidents have been reported directly involving the malfunctions.
Ford drivers in the UK needn’t worry, however, as most Transit wagons manufactured between 2015 and 2016 were sold in the United States, but there are a suspected 1,781 in Canada and 699 in Mexico. So Ford are making international news, but for all the wrong reasons disproving that old myth of ‘no such thing as bad press.’