Ford make a host of improvement to the new Focus 0

The new American Ford Focus has been greatly enhanced with a host of wonderful new features. Ever since the car has been released there have been a number of extra of developments allowing the vehicle to stay ahead as a family favourite in many car markets throughout the world.

Although the car will be the American version, many have said that it will be exactly the same as what everyone else will receive.

The car’s interior is not only comfortable (As you may expect with the Ford Focus) but is very pleasant on the eye too.

The Ford Focus sells a tremendous 200,000 units per year in America alone. What improvements will help them sell even more this year


Ford are redesigning the Focus with a “Global” image in mind. What does that mean?

Ford has replaced the old front grille with a completely new redesigned one allowing the car to look more aerodynamic as well as sporty. The head lights have been associated to “projectors” in some reviews.

The back of the car is said to have received “European” influence. There is a type of rear deck lip giving the car an edgier look. The Titanium models have a spoiler available as an option, giving the car better performance as well looking that bit sportier.

The rear valance appears to make the vehicle lower and adds to the car’s stunning exterior design.  Some experts have described the alloy wheels as simply “beautiful”. We can’t argue on that point. The 16 inch cast aluminium wheels come as standard with 17 inch wheels available on the Titanium models.


Ford America has introduced MyFord to their vehicles, an advanced piece of technology that aids the driver with speech commands. Many would hope for that to arrive here in the UK.

Thinking of new innovative ideas is what has helped the Focus stay ahead of the family car market. The active grille shutter system, which has been highly publicised by the company, helps the vehicle improve its fuel efficiency as well reducing the annoying wind noise and drag.

The Active park assist system is a truly groundbreaking piece of in car technology. It basically parks your car for you by steering the wheel whilst the drivers applies the acceleration.