Ford looking for shadow successor 0

Ford is looking to appoint a Chief Operating Officer who could closely with the current Chief Executive Alan Mulally with the intention to succeed him after Mr Mulally decides to retire.

American reports describe the news as hiring a COO. Ford are clearly looking to the future and planning of ways to move forward once Mr Mulally has retired. The 66 year old is expected to leave the company within two years.


At present Ford are said to be looking at many different candidates for the job. There has been a broad search for the job role which is still ongoing. Rumours state that some of the candidates include Joe Hinirchs, 44 who is the current Head of Ford Asia, Phil Martens, 51,  Chief Executive Officer of Noveils Inc (an aluminium company) and John Krafcik, a 50 year old Chief Executive officer who works for Hyundai Motors USA.

Inside information

A former Ford executive who is said to keep close contact with top executives at the company said “I think they have figured that out that they’ll want to have someone who will be there and overlap with Mulally for a while,”

“They want the next person to emulate Mulally, someone with the same temperament, the same management style. They’ll want to replicate Mulally as much as possible.”

Contradicting reports

However some reports have said that Ford have contradicted reports claiming that they are not looking for a successor to the CEO position at the company.

Hiring agency

A recruiting agency could be used this time round to find the right man for the job some reports suggest. This would be a change of tactic as Ford hadn’t used one previously when hiring Mr Mulally.

Internal candidates the favourite

Chairman Bill Ford Jr has suggested that an internal candidate is the most likely avenue to take. This would come as a blow to potential outsiders who potentially had a great chance to take on the prestigious role.

Mr Ford indicated how strong Ford’s internal candidates are at the moment. “At Ford, we are fortunate to have a strong list of internal candidates and the Board is pleased to support their further development. While our preference always will be to develop talent internally, we also survey the external environment for potential candidates as a regular course of action.”