Ford focused on rebranding Lincoln 0

As mentioned on our blog before, Ford is planning to completely rebrand their luxury Lincoln brand. We discuss a certain unique type of strategy in which they are planning to embark on.

Younger customers

According to reports in America, Ford are looking at ways of adopting the approach of some high class hotels rather than implementing typical ideas from the automotive industries. It’s an idea aimed at attracting younger motorists with creating attractive showrooms and improving standards of customer service. Lincoln dealership appearances and standards are set to be greatly improved. Making the car’s brand more glossy and attractive will come from the showroom first. It is part of a wider strategy with Lincoln being the country’s number one again.

More than 50 % already agreed

At present the majority of Lincoln dealers have agreed to go under a complete revamp. There are 325 dealerships which cover 75 cities across North America. Major cities such as New York and Los Angeles have had a renovation.


As you can imagine, all of this work comes at a price. Many experts have criticised the move claiming there would be just too many expenses. Ford have justified their decision saying that something was major needed in terms of rebuilding the brand, literally starting from the ground up.

Lexus beat Lincoln

Last year sales halted and totalled just 85,643. Lexus, who performed way below standards last year in 2011, beat that figure by over double. That was a major disappointment for the brand. Jim Farley, a Senior executive at Ford who previously worked for Lexus has said that the luxury automotive industry is a tough market place. He said “The luxury automotive space is not the place for us to learn for Lincoln. When I or my peers or even our dealers go look around and say who does, who scales, who codifies personal service, it’s not in our industry.”

Customer Service

Customer service is also a major issue. Ford believe that a major improvement with this is the key to Lincoln becoming the number one luxury brand again. Mr Farley has even suggested the unusual strategy of sales people within dealership’s giving out their own personal number so potential customers can call outside of work.

Even the language of how potential customers are greeted could changed according to Mr Farley. He believes words such as “clientele” for visitors to the showroom. Lincoln really are look at every last detail.