Ford ECOnetic technology to spread 0

Ford has announced plans to expand their ECOnetic line-up from the Focus to the Fiesta. Ford has claimed that the new Focus will be the most economical non-hybrid family car in Europe.

Ford is boasting a new range of cars that isn’t based on pure electricity but uses fuel. Their developments and plans are quite a feat and are certain to please many concerned with the environment and the never ending rise of fuel bills.

It would appear that this is a step towards reaching its target of reducing C02 emissions throughout its car range by 30% before 2020. The company has mentioned that 50% of its range sold in Europe will be completely ECOnetic next year. The target has been reduced by 11%, a figure that represents great progress.

The new Ford Focus containing this technology is said to be able to achieve a staggering 83.1mpg emitting just 89g/km. It will be able to produce 105hp from its 1.6 litre engine and will have a 6 speed Durashift dual-clutch transmission. As mentioned in our previous article on the Active Grille Shutter system which improves the fuel efficiency, as the car has a lot less drag.

The Fiesta will utilise this new groundbreaking technology. It is which is said to be the first car within the range to contain the Auto-Start-Stop technology. When the car is idle (for instance in traffic) it will be automatically turned off, saving fuel and emissions put out into the environment. The driver will then be able to drive off straight away when they need to, without having to start the car up again themselves.

It will manage to produce 85.6mpg with 87g/km of C02 emissions. The car will also be 95BHP. The engine will be only 1 Litre with Ford maximising its potential to get the most of having such little power.

Both the Focus and Fiesta ECOnetic will contain an EcoBoost engine. This specialises in significantly improving fuel efficiency and is said to spread to Ford’s hybrid vehicles in the future. They will also have low rolling resistance tyres with a specialised system which warms the engine.

It will be very difficult to find a non hybrid car on the market that are as good as these.

Both the Ford ECOnetic variations of the Fiesta and Focus are set to appear at this year’s Frankfurt motor show.