Ford doing better in Canada 0

Ford is currently doing great business in their home country of North America but they would like to increase sales north of the boarder.

2012 a better year for most

Canada represents a potentially wonderful opportunity for Ford to gain momentum after the country has shown positive signs of recovery from a recession. 2012 should be a better year for most car manufacturers in the country.

Higher than projected

However Dianne Craig is aware of the potential success within Canada this year but is not getting too carried away. Speaking at the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show Mr Craig said “What we’ve seen in January and February is certainly suggesting it be a stronger pace, so we’ve taken our forecast up for the year to 1.67 million, which is 40,000 higher than we initially projected,”

Will not levels of 2002

Whilst car manufacturers are expecting a more positive 2012, peak levels of 1.73 million of Ford cars sold in the country back in 2002 are certain not to be reached at any stage this year.

Growth statistics

January and February sales were up which has given everyone a major confidence boost with the Canadian automotive industry. Used car and truck sales showing an increase of 15 per cent in January compared to the same month in 2011. This did not mean that more units were sold in America in the month of January but it did mean that the growth figure was better, with America’s sales growing by 11 per cent only.


Originally sales increase forecast were quite mild leaving these figures impressing everyone including Mr Craig. “Even when we looked at those, it wouldn’t have suggested we’d see the lift in January and February. March will be a really telling month for the industry, just to see how much of January and February was driven by pent up demand. If this is sustainable for the balance of the year, it will be very good for the industry.”

Ford are Canada’s number one

Ford are Canada’s best seller year upon year. They have an extremely good reputation in the country and if any automaker can successfully project higher sales, they can.

Toyota looking to do the same

Toyota are another car manufacturer who see great potential within the Canadian automotive market. They are set to release 13 new / redesigned models in the country.