Ford create a website for SYNC technology 0

Ford has displayed the benefits of their SYNC technology within a newly updated website.

It shows everyone how Ford SYNC technology has made driving Ford vehicles a lot easier and making a significant difference in their lifestyles to some extent. It is installed in over 3 million vehicles already across the USA. The company expects that figure to be boosted dramatically in the near future.

It is a very user-friendly designed website that intends to showcase the major benefits of the Ford SYNC system. It enhances the driving experience a great deal and is something significant for Ford and for the future of the automotive industry.

What is Ford SYNC?

The innovative technology created by Ford is an in-car voice command system where the driver is able to access different entertainment and communication functions such as making phone calls. A very intelligent and useful system, many in the UK and across Europe would love to use it in their cars.

The experience within the car is made personal to you. Drivers would be able to hear personalised sports and news updates based your own personal taste.

As mentioned earlier, your phone is able to be synced with the system so you can make hands free phone calls whilst driving. When you exit your car, the conversation is able to be continued from where you left off.

This is just a snippet of what the Ford SYNC technology can offer.

Cole Buccafurri, the Ford Digital Marketing Communications stated that how the website aims to make people understand how the technology works and how it is advantageous to all drivers.

He said “What we’ve tried to do is deliver a simpler and more intuitive way for consumers to understand the benefits of SYNC. It’s delivering contextually relevant information to them at the right time. If they’re an owner and want educational material, it’s right there. If they’re a shopper and just want to know about SYNC, it’s all right there, too.”

Michelle Moody the Manager of Ford Technology Marketing claimed the website is a sign how Ford SYNC are improving further. She said “We are continually improving the SYNC experience and this new website is reflective of those efforts. The new site brings all of the information about SYNC together in one nice package.”

From our experience with the website, it really does seem that Ford have made a wonderfully informative website. If Ford Sync does reach this side of the Atlantic, we expect to revolutionise driving experiences for many.