Ford ‘British’ strategy 0

The-mess-in-Europe-affecting-Fords-profitsFord are hoping to perform a lot better here in the UK. They plan to utilise a strategy which will showcase them as a very British company, localising their advertising campaigns to align themselves with the target audience.

Jim Farley, Ford’s global marketing head is to lead the campaign. The strategy is known as a new re-branding breakthrough strategy. This is the beginning of a wider campaign which will start from the UK and spread through Europe.

Mr Farley was present at the current Geneva Motor Show and mentioned how the new campaign is a big ‘opportunity’ for Ford which is not available to the company in the United States. He said “Ford has an opportunity in the UK that it does not have in the US, in that it can refresh itself in a patriotic way. In many ways it is the quintessential British brand. It has been thought of that way for decades. We want to capture this spirit, although not by wrapping it in the flag like Mini or Burberry. It’s more about capturing the values of the new Britain in a contemporary and surprising way.”

Ford want to target those with more income, becoming a more upmarket type of brand. At the moment, Farley said that Ford do have a good reputation in the United Kingdom but Volkswagen are gaining more momentum. Advertising will be deployed “with tension that contain energy” Farley has mentioned. The campaign will hit social media too later this year, being entirely ‘British flavoured’.

Can the new Ford Focus become number one again?

 Ford want their new Focus model to take the ‘best handling’ crown away from Volkswagen. The new Focus has new revisions in it’s handling and styling.

The Geneva Motor Show will showcase the new Ford Focus, which will stand proudly on the Ford stand at the Motor Show. The Volkswagen Golf MK7 is now the leading vehicle in that particular segment. Other competition includes the new Peugeot 308, the Honda Civic, the SEAT Leon as well as the Renault Megane. Clearly Ford will have a tough time making the Focus the number one vehicle again.

Ford believe they have a chance, with their new Focus being highly modified. The car comes with four new body panels, a brand new front grille as well as re-designed front and rear lights with a brand new touch screen interior.