Ford aims to tackle congestion 0

Bill Ford, the Chairman of Ford and the great grandson of Ford’s founder has shown his dedication to tackling the issue of congestion in North America. Mr Ford will introduce a “blueprint for mobility”.

Usually when we hear about Ford we of the company introducing fuel efficient technology, ground breaking new vehicles or ways of making their factories more efficient, this time they want to stop traffic jams.

Major concern

Traffic and congestion is a major growing concern in North America. Emerging countries are seeing an increase in car sales and road structures are failing to keep up with the increase weight load.

Joining forces

Ford is attempting to rally the American Government and carmakers as well mobile technology companies to come together to find an ideal solution to the problem of congestion.

Urban areas

Urban planning specialised universities and governments should join together too according to Mr Ford seeing as not one industry or company can carry out the task single handedly.  It is urban areas that more heavily affected by that of traffic. It is estimated that half of the world live in urban areas. This figure is set to increase to 70 per cent it is estimated.


There was 15km of traffic in Australia recently affecting many cities and towns after an Audi A8 broke down.


2010 saw the “worst traffic jam in history” in Hebei, China. The traffic jam had stretched 100km throughout the country with a standstill of 11 days. Coal trucks and road works were the cause of the immense congestion.


Here in England the estimated cost to the economy will be $35 billion by the year 2025.  This shows that congestion does not just majorly affect growing markets.

Ford’s developments

Ford is already working on technology that will see cars communicate with other. The aim is to prevent accidents. If vehicles can intelligently communicate with one another then Ford can bring about a system which creates free flowing traffic with less congestion.

BMW are also creating traffic congestion beating technology along with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Citroen. If congestion is so rife, why would anyone want to buy a car? It is no wonder that Ford is taking a stand to the ridiculous levels of traffic created in North America and the rest of the world. Car manufactures clearly see car congestion as a major threat.