Ford’s new fleet tool 0

Ford have offered a tool for fleet companies in North America to calculate what will be the most cost effective vehicles for them to purchase.The main consideration for fleet companies is that of the total cost of owning the vehicle and the carbon emission factor.
How does the tool work?

Users will enter the cost of local electricity, petrol and diesel prices. This will be calculated with the estimated mileage of the car along with the type of roads that the car will mainly use and the length of time that the car will be owned for. The system then uses a comparison functionality of two vehicles for the user to decide which one to opt for.]

Companies focusing on C02 emissions

The vehicle’s C02 emission’s are also compared utilising the GREET model from the Argonne National Lab. Fleet companies not only want to keep the cost of fuel as low as possible but also their carbon emissions. Major companies have been urged to this to a minimum from the Government. Previously the calculation of carbon emissions was a very difficult and strenuous process for Fleet managers. Using this tool plenty of time and resources will be saved.

Updates in the future

The first screen shots have already been released. Ford are currently working on updates with a final version expected to be released soon. 2013 will see an update for safety ratings and the addition of further vehicles. A further update will see a full length of fleet vehicles being compared to a new proposed set of fleet vehicles.

No use for the public

The system will not be made available to the public. Not even Ford customers will be able to use the handy tool. Mr Winkler has said “We have no plans at this point to make it publicly available,”

Fleet companies associated

It would appear that only Fleet companies associated with Ford will get the benefits of the tool. This is clearly a strategy to entice customers to purchase more Fleet vehicles from Ford.

In that sense the tool has had its critics. Why should the tool only be made available to particular customers? It seems unfair. Ford’s data within is purely based on public information. That fact doesn’t rule out a rival fleet management tool being created.

There has been no news as to whether UK fleet companies will get to use to the tool.