Ford’s Lincoln plans 0

As reported by us back in November, Ford is planning to completely revive their luxury Lincoln brand following a poor recent run of results.

No longer number one

In 2011, the Lincoln brand sold just 85,000 cars. When comparing that figure to the company’s peak in 1990, they are 63 % down. Over the years the luxury car company have had a great fall from grace. They were once North America’s number one luxury brand. They had great prestige and a wonderful reputation with the rich and famous being proud to own one. Sadly that isn’t the case anymore.

New designers

Ford indicated that they plan to bring back Lincoln with a bang in 2012. They have re-evaluated the structure in which the actual cars are developed. Many believe that they resembled Ford a bit too much. That is all about to change with 180 designers being hired just over a year ago. The hope was to completely re-invent the brand.

The main focus

Other luxury divisions from the company have been dropped by Ford in order for them to completely focus on bringing Lincoln back to life. They want to once again attract the rich and famous like before and become the nation’s marquee luxury car brand.

The new MKZ

The Detroit Motor Show will be the perfect event for Lincoln to show America exactly what they have in their locker. Here the luxury manufacturer will display the new MKZ sedan. This is expected to be one of seven brand new and revised models released before Lincoln’s 100th anniversary, which is in 2015.

The new MKZ will feature a unique all glass roof which is able to slide the back window. This creates a unique convertible type ride. The typical Lincoln split grille will be included, resembling the classic 1938 Lincoln Zephyr. It will have a longer and wider appearance, bringing out a wider sense of luxury within.

The MKZ model is the company’s bestselling model at present. Last year 27,529 units were sold but this was no competition compared to BMW’s and Lexus’ flagship models.

The head designer of Lincoln, Max Wolff gave his insights into how the brand will develop. He said “Our movement as a brand is toward something we call elegant simplicity. It’s something warmer and more restrained,” Let’s hope Lincoln do manage to revive themselves.