Ford’s exportations plans 0

After only being destined for the Indian automotive market and other similar car markets, Ford now want to create a larger export market for the Ford Figo. Following its tremendous success, Ford plan to ship out the car to 51 countries around the globe by the end of the year. Indian sales of the car alone have given good reason for the car to be introduced into further markets.

51 export countries targets before the end of 2012

So far the Ford Figo has reached out to 32 countries where it has been a great success. In just two years, the car has managed to gain such a wide list of markets. By the end of the year, it would have extended that list even further by 18. The new list will include developing countries in the regions of South America, North Africa as well as the Caribbean Islands.

Another Gujarat factory to be built

The car is developed and then exported to Ford’s Chennai factory. This is where the whole list of Ford’s cars within the country is developed, including the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Fiesta Classic as well as the Ford Endeavour.

Ford will develop a new factory in Gujarat in order to cope with tremendous production figures. This plant will cost a fair bit to Ford and will be ready for use in the year 2014.

Demand for small cars

Ford has researched the markets and has made justifiable conclusions that compact cars will see great demand in the near future.

‘One Ford Philosophy’

Ford will no longer take a leaf out the Figo’s book in terms of cars being developed in a specific way for certain markets. The Figo itself was catered for Indian’s and the Indian roads, giving the localised product great justification for success. Now Ford will generalise vehicles, so that no one model is catered for a specific country. Only globally catered vehicles will come off the Ford production line from now on. Is that a wise idea? This all comes under the ‘One Ford’ philosophy. A total of six new vehicles catered for the global market will be developed by the end of 2015.

‘Discounts available’

Ford India is tempting customers with online offers for specific accessories, where they could save up to 15 per cent off. The closet Ford dealer will be available to install these accessories once they are purchased.