DVLA urges UK drivers to retake eye test 0

UK motorists are being urged to retake eye tests after a DVLA survey found that half of those participating were not aware of the minimum standards required for a license.

Drivers must be able to read a license plate from 20 metres away. The survey revealed however, that only 50% of motorists knew about the eye test and used it to self-check regularly, as is the legal requirement. Those who fail the test should visit an optician a DVLA doctor recommended.

Learner drivers are required to pass the test for the first time during their practical exam, they are then responsible to make sure their eyesight does not fall beneath the required standard from then on.

The DVLA’s Wyn Parry warned that vision can “naturally deteriorate over time”, and added that essential eye-checks are “essential for safe driving”.

It’s possible to perform the test on any street and only takes “a couple of seconds”, Dr Parry said.

According to  the association, one in three optometrists said they had seen patients who continue to drive with eyesight beneath the legal requirement.


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