Door Edge Protector to prevent those annoying scratches 0

When stationary alongside another car, it can be difficult to open your doors without scratching the car next to you sometimes. Ford has introduced the Edge Protector which they have showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

It’s a handy feature within the car which aims to prevent those common dents and scratches which can easily be caused.

How does it work?

A concealed protective flap, which is surrounded in a fluffy type of material will be exposed in less than a second whenever the door is opened. It will act a buffer between the two cars so there is no damage between the two cars.

The flap is able to retract in the extremely quick time of 60 milliseconds. This means that usual behaviour with car doors such as slamming it shut won’t be affected.

Will it affect the looks of the car?

The simple answer is no it won’t. That’s one of the reasons why the technology has been highly praised so far. As mentioned before the protective flap is concealed and only exposed when needed. When it is revealed, it blends in to the car’s design, leaving nothing particularly miss-matched at all.

When will it be released?

Ford is not wasting time. The Edge Protector is said to be released as early as next year on the Ford Focus.

Keeping costs down

It is a little innovative piece of technology that can save money on repairing paintwork as well as insurance. When you come back to your car to see it has a nasty scratch that has ruined your paintwork, it’s a pain and a big expense to recover the damage from your insurance company or even pay out of your own pocket. Mending bodywork on automobiles unfortunately doesn’t come cheap nowadays, nor do insurance claims.

Is it difficult to replace

The actual protective flap is said to be able to go through plenty of usage, with it being used thousands of times before being replaced. If it does need to be changed, it is easily done with the design of the Edge Protector allowing for a very quick exchange.

A good idea?

We certainly think so. Ford are always keeping ahead of the rest with creating ideas such as this which help remove typical and common problems of driving. One element that is particularly fantastic about the Edge Protector, it won’t add a crazy premium price to the Ford Focus.