Design your own apps for your Ford 0

We have already seen Bluetooth and iPod connectivity in cars, along with clever computers that calculate various statistics for you to see. Now some new Ford technology will hope to take things that step further.

The new venture will be a way of getting programmers and developers on board to create applications for cars through the use of smart phones. This will help optimise various features within such as in-car entertainment and safety amongst many other different features. The possibilities of applications within your car seem endless.

All apps will be developed based on the OpenXC platform. Ford has combined with Bug Labs, who are the perfect company for presenting engineers with the capability to create digital applications. No one will be restricted, the open source software will be available for everyone to use. OpenXC itself is a great way for developers to create applications in an effective yet cost effective way. What’s special about the concept is that developers will be able to customise the way they would like their driving experience to be.

This would also save Ford plenty of costs in terms of specialising their vehicles to suit particular driver tastes. Drivers would also find themselves saving money, as mentioned they will not have to pay that extra amount of money for a tailored vehicle. It’s a more affordable way of customising your vehicle.

This Ford technology innovation is a huge step away from many other car manufactures it would seem. It’s a brilliant way of looking forward by the American car giant. Smart-phone sales are increasingly on the rise. The applications within can literally do anything you program it to. It’s an exciting prospect for all involved.

It’s fair to say great opportunity appears to have opened up. Ford technology has always been remarkable, but never before has a car company linked to internet technologies like this. It is sure to open paths for many budding developers and expand new horizons not only for Ford, but for the automotive industry.

An example of how the technology will work was explained with a cricket application. They would be able to purchase the application from Ford, with it being developed by an authorised app developer. When the app is used, only cricket dedicated radio stations are played in the car, with that particular sport able to be changed once the season is over.

As cars have evolved, they have naturally got a lot smarter. This piece of Ford technology shows how the company are adapting to future practices today.