Active city stop feature in new Ford B-Max 0

The Ford B-Max has been in the automotive press since the start of the year for all the right reasons. Active City Stop is set to be included on the car with Ford making a big deal out of the technology.

The difference that Active City Stop could make

What is it? Active City Stop technology is a sophisticated car safety feature which could potentially save lives. If Ford’s research is anything to go by, the technology is set to make a major difference throughout Europe. Car accidents that occur in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and here in the UK involves more than 500,000 people, which is quite a scary statistic. One in eight people are injured due to rear end collisions. This is what Active City Stop specialises in preventing.

Roland Schaefer, a safety analyst for Ford was speaking at a demonstration of the technology in use and said discussed how impact at a small speed could be a life changer. He said “Low speed front-to-rear collisions are one of the most common accidents in urban traffic. They can happen at traffic lights, intersections, roundabouts and other stop-start driving situations. You don’t have to be travelling fast to get injured. Even at speeds of just 10mph you can suffer soft tissue neck injury.”

Already seen in the Ford Focus

This is not the first time that Ford has introduced Active City Stop. We have already seen the technology in the 2011 Ford Focus. Ford’s compact vehicles are now set to benefit from the intelligent technology beginning with the Ford B-Max.

Joerg Beyer, Ford’s vehicle line director has said explained why the Ford B-Max is such a great vehicle. He said “We believe B-MAX is the perfect vehicle for 21st century city driving. Features such as Active City Stop are new to this sector. These technologies, coupled with B-MAX’s compact chassis, and tight turning circle supported by carefully tuned electronic power-assisted steering, enable B-MAX to be far greater prepared for the demands of even the most congested city.”

How does it work?

The traffic ahead is closely analysed using cameras. If a collision is about to occur, the brakes are applied. At speeds of up to 10 MPH, Active City Stop can completely prevent an accident from occurring. At speeds of up to 18 MPH the force of an impact can be reduced.