A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The new Ford Transit 0

Ford unveiled the brand new generation of the Ford Transit Van at the Geneva Motor Show. The next generation of Ford’s family vehicles is set to make a great impact across the world. The new Toureno will go on sale in March, replacing the old E-Series in America.

Heavyweight and lightweight

There are two types of Transit van, a lightweight version and a heavyweight version. The current versions of both vans saw styling of a very similar nature. This time round the styling of both variants will see more differences. Fans could view the differences at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis on March the 5th where the American version will make its first appearance, according to many sources.

Stephen Odell – 2012 important for Ford Europe

Stephen Odell, who is the CEO of Ford Europe, has released a statement saying that 2012 means a lot to Ford. He said “2012 is a tremendously significant year for Ford as we begin the rollout of a completely new range of commercial vehicles. Our market-leading commercial vans have established a tremendous reputation for value and durability.”

The lightweight Transit

The mini Ford Transit Toureno will be able to seat eight people and will be a front wheel drive van. It weigh 1 ton and will be sold in every region across the world bar North America. It will also sport Ford’s new trapezoidal grille. The lightweight Transit will be developed in Turkey.

The heavyweight version

The larger version will weigh 2 tonnes. This Transit will utilise a rear wheel drive, which was expected as the E-Series which it replaces also used the same drive system. The van will be released in Europe, North America and various other car markets around the world. As mentioned earlier Ford have not yet revealed the design details of the car. The assembly of the vehicle will be in Kansa City next year. This comes after Ford invested $1 billion at their Kansas City factory. This particular version will certainly have a lot to live up to. The Ford E-Series (or Econoline as it is sometimes referred to) saw sales of 8 million.

25 % more fuel efficient

It now has a lighter construction. This will make the vehicle up to 25 per cent more fuel efficient than the E-Series, which is a tremendous improvement. If the new heavyweight Transit was to compete with its predecessor, its better fuel efficiency will go a long way in helping the van achieve that.