A new Ford Dealership costing £5 million 0

Benfield, who the largest motor group currently in the North East have invested £5 million in their new planned Ford Dealership which was acquired on Riverside Road, Sunderland.

The company currently have five dealerships in the Yorkshire region. The company are hoping to bring in 45 new members of staff to work inside their new Ford Showroom.

A proposed Ford retail outlet, located on Newcastle Road in Sunderland will be temporarily operational for business with the final site expected to be finished in January of next year.

A great area for car brands to expand

Chief Executive of the Benfield Motor Group, Mark Squires has said “We are delighted to announce this significant development and expansion of our Ford territory. Three years ago we were essentially a Tyneside and Northumberland business, but now we are moving further into Sunderland with Honda, Audi and Ford. Moving into Sunderland with Ford is a natural geographic fit.”

Sales are up – not down

The recent investment may have come as quite a surprise as the UK car market is currently in decline. However Mr Squires suggests otherwise, saying “Business is gaining in confidence. There were concerns in the industry about where the economy was going but we were 6% ahead of the market. The market has clearly been hit in recent years, but there are signs of recovery. It is not all going south despite what people are saying. Sales are up 10% in January and February was good and we are expecting a good take-up when the new registrations come out. We will have seen a dip last year, but we see the business going ahead this year. We have been happy with our results and we will see them meet expectations for 2011 too.”

14 car showroom

The new Ford dealership will be able to fit 14 cars. There is also expected to be a service repair centre within the facility as well as a service and repair centre.

Altogether the group has 33 dealerships in the regions of the North East, Yorkshire, Cumbria as well as the South West of Scotland. In October the company managed to bring sales up to £500 million after securing the Audi dealership of Colebrook and Burgess.

There are no plans for more deals as the new Audi and Ford dealerships look to be the last purchases in a very long time.