1,500 pre-orders of new Ford Focus RS before a single test drive 0

The next-gen Ford Focus RS is already proving a hit and production hasn’t even started. 1,500 UK buyers have already put down deposits for the car despite never driving one, and a third of those were before the price and specifications were even announced.


The entry price was revealed in September to begin at £28,940 and since then, orders have been coming in fast. And we can’t blame eager buyers because the performance ratings are pretty sensational for a car in this price range. The only downside is ‘patiently’ waiting, as models aren’t expected to be ready for delivery until spring next year.

The new 2016 Focus RS was expected to see 315bhp out of its 2.3-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, but Ford has crushed that figure with a whopping 350bhp and 350lb-ft of torque. That’s some serious power provided by a newly tuned engine. And with a top speed of 165mph and the RS making the 0-60mph sprint in 4.7 seconds, it easily tops its competitors.


Ford have been quite generous with the standard equipment, as well as offering some exciting new optional extras. The most anticipated comes in the form of a boy-racer’s dream: a drift mode button. Yep, that’s right, the car has a button for those pesky corners on the track. If driving sideways in drift mode wasn’t attractive enough, the RS is also an all-wheel drive model as standard. This car will do your weekday trips on the road and your weekend spins round the track no problem.

Another new feature is the stall recovery technology. Perfect if you make a slight hiccup when you’re trying to impress your friends in drift mode. Simply put your foot on the clutch and the engine will start back up again.

It seems pre-order buyers are taking advantage of these new technologies and classic Ford aspects. As Carscoops notes, Andy Barratt, Ford of Britain’s chairman and managing director, says, ““We expected those first in the queue, many of whom are owners of previous RS models, to be exacting about their requirements, and so it has proved, with many opting for motorsport-style Recaro shell front seats, 19-inch black forged alloy wheels, luxury pack, electric tilt/side sunroof and Ford SYNC2 navigation and sound system”.


Already crowned the “hot hatchback king”, the new Ford Focus RS is a serious performance bargain. With its similarly priced rivals all offering less horse power and torque, it’s not hard to see why so many people have paid deposits. This highly anticipated sports car has drivers everywhere wishing next spring would arrive sooner.

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