Ford reveal new version of the Bullitt 0

The most iconic car chase in film history? You’d be hard pressed to name a better one than Bullitt’s high-speed white-knuckle ride through the streets of San Francisco, an ice-cool Steve McQueen at the wheel. That particular chase was what put the Ford Mustang firmly amongst the coolest muscle cars out there, the vehicle that(…)

New Ford Mustang comes with a ‘mute’ button 0

Neighbours of anyone lucky enough to have purchased the updated Mustang are likely to be sighing collective sighs of relief; it’s been revealed the new version of the muscle-car comes with a ‘mute’ button. The ‘Quite Mode’ facility reduces the noise made by the car’s exhaust, which to those unfamiliar with the Mustang when it(…)

Long lost Bullitt Mustang found in Mexico 0

One of the most iconic cars ever seen on film has been found after missing for nearly fifty years. The Mustang, driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt, has apparently been discovered hidden away in a Mexican scrap yard. US news outlets are reporting that the ’68 Ford Mustang has been unearthed by a(…)

97 year old petrolhead celebrates birthday with 155mph red Ford Mustang 0

Three years off his century, Lennart Ribring has celebrated his birthday in style by splashing out on a 155mph Ford Mustang. Born in 1919, when the Mustang had been in production for 11 years, Lennart passed his driving test aged 18 in 1937. He was one of the first people in Sweden to own one(…)

Ford Mustang suffers a bizarre car park crash 0

Gently bumping your car into another vehicle when you’re parking is something many people will have accidently done, whether they admit to it or not. If it’s at low speed, chances are no damage will be done. So quite how this Ford Mustang got wedged atop a Toyota Carolla is anyone’s guess. In a video(…)

Ford Mustang tops poll of Britain’s favourite performance car 0

The UK public has voted, and they have chosen Ford’s Mustang as their favourite performance car. The year’s sales to date show the car 60% ahead of its nearest rival. Technically defined as a sports car boasting 250bhp or more, the sales chart shows the high performance car clearly ahead of its nearest rivals, the(…)

Ford Mustang New Wrap 0

When we see a vehicle with a wrap it can be very exciting. There have been many different wraps which have been created from the imagination of many creative’s. We have recently talked about the many BMW vehicles which have had original wraps but this time round, we have seen a Ford Mustang wrapped up,(…)

Two Ford Mustangs for the Price of One? 0

If this was an actual deal at your local dealership, then many Ford Mustang admirers would be going mad across the world. The legendary pony cars are iconic of not only Ford, but of American culture too. So this begs the question of why Ford has decided to get two Mustangs, chop them in half(…)

Imagine Buying A 727HP Mustang for $40,000 0

If you have ever had a wild dream that this occurred then you may be physic because it is actually happening in the United Sates right now. And no, we are not joking around, you can buy a more powerfully customised Mustang for that smallish amount of money (well in comparison to how much they(…)

The Ford Mustang Is Now the World’s Best Selling Sports Coupe 0

The Ford Mustang is now the world’s best selling sports coupe in its first year on the global market. So, how was it all accomplished and will the big risk eventually pay off? For the first time ever, Ford opened up the Mustang for sale on the global market. There are many factors for its(…)