Ford shifts Focus production to China 0

In a radical change of plans, Ford has decided to shift production of its Focus small car from the proposed site in Mexico, to an alternative plant in China. The company still intends to move production out of the US entirely, but the planned switch south of the Mexican border has now been abandoned. The(…)

Long lost Bullitt Mustang found in Mexico 0

One of the most iconic cars ever seen on film has been found after missing for nearly fifty years. The Mustang, driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt, has apparently been discovered hidden away in a Mexican scrap yard. US news outlets are reporting that the ’68 Ford Mustang has been unearthed by a(…)

Ford pushing ahead with Mexico move despite Trump threats 0

Despite the threat of substantial tariffs being imposed by President-elect Donald Trump, Ford is still planning to press on with its planned relocation of production to Mexico. The company’s chief executive Mark Fields announced they were “going forward” with their plan to shift production of smaller cars from the current facility in Michigan. Fields reiterated(…)

Ford to move all production to Mexico 0

In a move that has infuriated Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Ford has announced plans to move its entire car production operation to Mexico. Ford Motor Co Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields said in a statement on Wednesday that, “We will have migrated all of our small scale car production to Mexico and out of(…)

Ford in Trouble for Emissions in Mexico… 0

The emissions scandal saga is never ending and this time, it is Ford who is in trouble with the authorities. Although they are in trouble over emissions, it is no way scandalous as of up till now and, it must be reiterated, that there has been no apparent cheating either. So what has happened? Unlike(…)

Ford Are Expanding… Again 0

Although it really won’t spark too much interest in Europe and the UK, Ford are planning to expand again with huge investments hitting two US factories. This news comes soon after it was announced that Ford are planning to create a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico which will concentrate on Ford’s smaller vehicles. So, Ford(…)