The 2017 Ford Fusion 0

Some time ago we talked about the 2017 Ford Fusions mid-cycle facelift and stated that the vehicle is an American model. We also mentioned that the vehicle was the cousin of the European Ford Mondeo and therefore, we should expect a mid-cycle facelift here soon too. So, there are multiple new features which will be(…)

Ford Fusion Receives Battery Upgrade 0

We have recently mentioned the fact that the Ford Fusion is undergoing a facelift for 2017. By investigating this facelift, we attempted to look into what the Mondeo (as the European equivalent) may be like. So with the newest news that the Ford Fusion Energi is receiving a battery upgrade, should we expect to see(…)

The Ford Fusion 0

You may ask us why we have decided to go ahead and write about the Ford Fusion considering it is an American based vehicle. Therefore we won’t ever be seeing it here, so again, why? Well, the Fusion is the cousin of our Ford Mondeo. So with the Fusion undergoing a facelift in the States,(…)

Ford Fusion Review 0

The Ford Fusion was introduced to the UK market in 2002. At first it caused a stir but has turned out to be a pretty decent car with its production still ongoing. We take a look at what we think are the car’s best features. Comfort It’s a family car which offers a great amount(…)