The 2015 Mustang to be released in America 0

The brand new Ford Mustang is on the verge of being released in America. The car offers more technology and power than ever before. There will be an emphasis on fuel efficiency in one of the models, a term not usually associated with the power of the Mustang. The engine choices will come from a(…)

Ford Number 1 in Canada yet again 0

Ford has topped the Canadian sales charts once again. For second consecutive year, Ford Canada has beaten every other vehicle producer. The American automotive giants managed to increase their sales by 3 % last year over 2010. The total sales figure equated to 275,978 units. The truck sector The Ford F Series pickup truck was(…)

The new electric Ford Connect Electric van 0

Ford has unveiled a new Ford Connect electric van. Azure partnership Ford have gone into partnership with Azure in order to develop the van. The Azure Force Drive electric power train was placed into the Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon. The van will be installed with a lithium–ion battery developed by Johnson control. It(…)

Ford Fusion Review 0

The Ford Fusion was introduced to the UK market in 2002. At first it caused a stir but has turned out to be a pretty decent car with its production still ongoing. We take a look at what we think are the car’s best features. Comfort It’s a family car which offers a great amount(…)

2013 Ford Shelby GT500 0

The world’s most powerful V8 car has been unveiled in America in form of the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500. The car has a tremendous amount of power which equates to 650 BHP with 600 lb.ft of torque. The V8 aluminium built block built engine is indeed the most powerful V8 available.  The car’s top speed(…)

Ford workers threaten to strike over pensions 0

Ford’s staff are threatening to go on strike over a pension row. We have reported a similar story which involved Ford America. The potential Ford strike on this side of the Atlantic seems almost like a mirror of actions that were taken in America recently. If the strike does go ahead, it will the first(…)